i more than dislike having a strat witht he 5 way selector switch i want a les paul style switch on a strat is this possible?? also would it be easier if it was a humbucker humbucker strat?? this is just an idea i had and i want to know if its possible
Of course.

The original '54 strats used a 3-way instead of a 5-way.

Idk why you'd want less pickup combinations though.
Keep in mind that the standard Gibson style switch only has two poles so you cannot wire it like a 3-way strat/tele type switch. You'll need to get one made for 3 pickup models.

A Les Paul switch has 2 throws and 1 pole (when wired for guitar use anyway). You need 1 pole and 3 throws for for 3 pickups. If you only have 2 pickups, then sure, this will work.