A little bit about this song...
It's about dealing with heroin withdrawals and addiction.
the guitar in the song has almost a tool mixed with blues sound.

My dreams are a gateway to peace,
sweating and shaking I can't seem to sleep.
My memories build up in my mind,
lost in a stream flowing through time.

Is this real I must be a freak,
I close my eyes and go back to sleep.
My eyes fly open, I had a bad dream,
stuck with this feeling I need to scream.

With open eyes my peace is denied,
I must be loosing my ****ing mind.

Freedom restricted no visions depicted,
my past is a loss and I'm feeling constricted,
forever bound like a killer convicted.
Lost again in my confusion broken by my own delusions.

I want my memories to die,
leave my mind,
let me be,
so I can breath.

Can I ever be satisfied with my past behind me?
I'll never reach tomorrow so I go back to sleep,
To finally breath and sigh relief.