After about five hours of tinkering with my EQ in Garageband (and coming up with plenty of close-but-not-really imitations of the "Boston" sounds), something happened--I'm not even sure what--and I cracked the code. This is the EQ pattern Scholz uses.

Now my little Squier Strat is going to sound a lot different than your guitar when filtered through this EQ, but the basic principles are the same. The sliders all function in slanty groups, and the angle of the lines can be changed and/or the entire group can be moved up/down to modify the sound as needed.

The bottom line is: This particular grouping of slants is what shapes the overall tone in that distinctly Scholz fashion.

I'm running my Squier Strat through a DigiTech distortion pedal into Garageband where I add another overdrive effect and the AUGraphicEQ plugin. I have yet to record a demo, but I'll get to that when my homework is done.

And if anyone wants the preset for the AUGraphicEQ plugin, I'd be happy to post it.

Happy experimentation!