It might be an improvement, depends completely on what you want. If the DiMarzio website is to trust, the Dominion would be best suited for high gain amps as it doesn't get that muddy. It should also work well with a coil split.

So if you play metal, and you'd like your tone to have more clarity, and if you'd like the option of a single coil bridge pickup tone the Dominion could be an improvement.
one of things is that I never actually downtune my guitar so I would like to be sure that I'm not buying a pickup thats gonna be TOO tight or not warm enough. But I do like what I've read about it, about its percussiveness and bold mids. I do play metal but I also try to play every rock and roll style. But I also don't want to replace the pickups if the improvement won't be very noticeable. Is there more output in the Dominion?
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