Could anyone help me with this guitar. My grandpa passed away around a year ago. Always knew he played guitar and he had a few guitars but I never really had the chance to play with him as we lived pretty faar away from eachother. But I was visiting few days back and found this guitar in the attic. My relatives told me that he bought it used in 1962 for 400 US dollars. I duno about the picture, but its a Gibson and its in a very good condition.
Can't help you unfortunately, just wanted to say that even if you can't identify it or it's worthless, fantastic find. That's a beautiful guitar and a great thing to remember your grandfather by.
It looks like one of my early 175s. Look inside the upper side f-hole. There should be an orange sticker that will tell you most of what you need to know.
Gibson ES-175.

$400 in 1962 is about $3,150 now.

Pics of inside the F-hole please.
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Nice axe that needs to be in the hands of a jazzbo or R&B player. A personal favorite and I almost bought one back in the 80s for about $600 used. Enjoy!