I need some help with a trade evaluation
I was offered an ltd ec-401 vf fitted with emg 57/66 instead of the sd's to trade with my schecter damien elite 6 + 200$ on my side.

Any thoughts?
Well the pickup upgrade to EMG 57/66 cost over $200 already, and the guitars themselves are pretty much the same value. It's not a bad trade if that's exactly what you're looking for, but putting in $100-150 instead of 200 would probably be a fairer deal.
It was a bad trade on your end, Guitar for Guitar and maybe $50 on your end would have been fair. But good thing you didn't do it, you would have lost out.
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Thanks for the input, the guy already sold it for 800$ to someone else

Wow that's a huge amount of money for a used 401.
The funny thing in Israel is that almost all guitar brands cost their us/ebay amount + 200-300$ but schecter cost more or less the same so a new ec401 will cost almost as hellraiser hibreed