Hi all,

I have a loose toggle switch. I did some searching online and most people who have the loose toggle problem just needed to tighten the nut while holding the toggle unit from inside of the cavity. This is not the issue Im having though.

I pulled the toggle unit out and noticed that it looks like I am missing one of the pivot shaft things that go through the toggle. I assum there should be two, one going in from each side of the shaft. As a result, the toggle switch wobbles back and fourth.

Are there any household items or anything you guys have used to replace/repair that shaft? I tried using a piece of paper clip but it wasnt girthy enough to fill the diameter of the hole through the toggle and be stable.

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Just buy a new 3 way they run <$5

Yeah. They're dirt cheap.
The better solution is obviously to replace the jack, but the stores around me dont have any of the right kind in stock and I need my guitar for this weekend.

Its kind of a ghetto solution, but this is what I did and it works fine: got a piece of insulated copper wire (not sure what gauge, but it is pretty thin) and put that through. It wasnt quite thick enough to fill out the hole, nor was it stable when the switch pushed down on it. But once the copper wire was in there, I then shoved the little piece of paper clip in there to fill up and secure the hole. The copper wire compressed a bit so it would fit in. Im sure there are better, less ghetto, diy solutions, but its secure and working fine for me now