I have to decide between these two guitars, both used.

The Ibanez - $240 with SD SH4-B or $205 with stock Pups (INF 1 and 2)
+ Good Pickup(s), either INF (sounds like Dimarzio Evolution)
-Re-solder electronics - he says problem is just with switch
-poor visual condition

The Cort - $235 with stock Pups ( Mightybuckers i think) I think its a Katana version, quite old('bout 7 yrs)
+Looks like new
- maybe the pickups ?
- neck ?
What do you think about 'em ? I have damn long, thick and not so srong fingers, would the Ibanez fits better to me ? Which would you pick ?

I've been playing Les Paul, but i didnt like the neck at all and I'm afraid that the Cort would have similar
I can only about $250 spend, so i wouldn't be able to change the Pups in the Cort.. or the Mightybuckers are good ?
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