Hey guys, I'd thought I'd share a few warm up exercises I sort of pioneered on my own. They aren't anything too special, but I find when I first pick up the guitar and go through these from a slow bpm to the point where I'm pushing myself, I find it loosens my fingers up a bit and gets me in the proper mindset.

On my very first guitar lesson my teacher taught me an exercise to associate my picking hand with my fingers, it was just 1-2-3-4 from the bottom to the top and back. I still do this one every day as well but these that I've written are all variations of that, so to speak.

This first one helps to alternate between strings quickly and accurately. i usually start on the 5th cause my fingers are naturally spaced about as far apart as those frets, but working it down towards the nut is a good idea to space your fingers a bit. Alternate picking, obviously, and once you work your way up go back down the scale.

(not in code because it keeps messing up on me)

This next one incorporates string skipping in it, making it slightly more difficult than the one before, but I find once you can do this at a decent speed string skipping becomes a lot easier, which was a problem that I made this little lick to solve in the first place. you can also modify it for a double string skip as well, ill put both down. The picking is slightly weird on this so Ill mark it.


The last one is pretty simple, its good for going from alternating picking to sweep picking quickly and back. Also pretty easy to get a handle on, this ones helped me out a lot.


Anyway thats what i got, have fun and don't hurt yourself
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1. *Reported*. Stuff like this belongs in the 'lessons' section of the site. Not the forums.
2. If you're going to post a tab of something, put it in code: [*code]your tab take out the * and you're all set.
3. I'd say you should mix up the fingering order a bit. When it's just 4 fingers in a row like that, a lot of people tend to roll their wrist, instead of using their fingers to build finger independence. So make the first bar something like 1-3-4-2 or something and then the next one something different like 1-4-2-3.
A -------2----4----3----5----4----6----5----7----6----8----7----9----8----10------
E ----1----3----2----4----3----5----4----6----5----7----6----8----7----9----------- ... and so on....
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1. *Reported*. Stuff like this belongs in the 'lessons' section of the site. Not the forums.
2. If you're going to post a tab of something, put it in code: [*code]your tab

reporting is a little much but whatever. I think this would be better here anyway because a lot more people look for stuff like this here rather than the lessons section.

I see what you mean with mixing up the finger order, I'm going to start doing that. Maybe im just thick but I really never considered doing that.

also, bout to put the tabs in code. thx
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