Since I'm unable to find a band that is near to me and not formed by completely talentless ***holes, but also I don't find making music all alone that much fun, I thinking on making some kind of collaboration with the help of the internet. I start it by writing some riffs in guitar pro or making a cover of a song (currently I'm working on a metal cover of Bad Apple), then others add something else or alter it. At the end, everybody records their parts (if they have any), then I mix it.

Should it work? How can I find people for it?
I think it can work - there are many logistical problems to it and doing anything live is out of the question, but it's doable.

As for where you can find people, I'd search either here or in various facebook groups. I might even be interested myself
It is entirely possible. However, you may want to try and write and record a song or two, or more, by yourself before you do this. Making songs with other people is fun, but i belive its harder to write stuff over the internet with other people than it is live, so it helps if you are a bit practiced in songwriting and recording and everything. You can easily write and record a decent sounding song with some basic software. But yeah, its entirely possible, and there are a bunch of colaboration videos like that on youtube.