hey guys i was just wanting to get your opinions on what would be the best guitar for my style i currently don't own an electric but an acoustic but i like to play anything from blues to heavy metal (mostly 70's and 80's).
i wouldn't really like to spend more than $500

the overall tone I'm aiming for is psychedelic rock(Jimi Hendrix) and hardcore punk(Dead

i don't really have a preference because I'm willing to try something different than the usual

i'll most likely buy a used guitar

i currently own an ibanez aw800

I'm just a little lost because i have no idea where to even start
MiM (made in Mexico) Fender or Squier Strats and similar guitars like G&L Legacy Tributes, Dean Zelinsky Private Label Tagliares, etc. would be perfect for Hendrixy-style classic rock.

Punk bands are more likely to favor guitars with Humbuckers or P90s. Look at Epiphone LPs & SGs, Fender/Squier Jaguars, Mustangs, and Jazzmasters, G&L ASAT Tributes, Agiles and the like.

There are more out there, of course, but that list will get you loads of options.
Personally I can't go past a humbucker bridge/single coil neck guitar for my favourite combo.

Thick sounds from the bridge
Fat clean tones from the neck and that strat pop

Might be an option.
As for where to look, the usual suspects- Guitar Center & eBay will both have good selections of used guitars. Smaller sites like GuitarsandEffects.com, Elderly.com or Reverb.com would be good options as well.

I particularly like Reverb- good selection, easy to use and pretty safe. Here's a selection of their G&L Tributes:
I'd say get yourself a HSS Strat. Hendrix in the neck, metal in the bridge. That way you can upgrade the humbucker to something more 'metal' if you play more of that stuff. But yeah there is no such thing as an 'all rounder' for every genre of music.
Do you have an amp? Do you want to use a multi-effects unit? The amp you choose will have a huge impact on the music you want to play.
Well I guess I'll weigh in here. Gretsch makes some great guitars and they have a sound sort of in between your standard humbucker and single coil. You can then just eq in the sound you want from there. Since filtrons are humbuckers they can take a lot of gain if that is what you need.
Normally, it's hard to find Reverends under $600, but here are a few:




Reverend is a Detroit-based, Korean manufactured brand that I've found to be very well made and tonally flexible. I own 4, want more.
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Quote by mattydoe
hey guys i was just wanting to get your opinions on what would be the best guitar for my style i currently don't own an electric but an acoustic but i like to play anything from blues to heavy metal (mostly 70's and 80's).

Gonna stick my neck out here and say you probably want a Strat of some kind, there's no such thing as a "best all around" guitar but a Strat will give a lot of options
well a strat with a medium / high output bridge humbucker can do just about anything.
I think I would need a more specific idea of what you mean by “all around”. When I hear "all around" I usually think someone is referring to a guitar that will work with all styles of music (heavy rock, metal, jazz, pop, whatever) not just one style. So to answer the question as I am interpreting it I would say that if I could only choose one guitar that I own that I know will get by on all styles, my "all round" guitars would be either an Epiphone Sheridan (for humbuckers) and a Fender Strat (for single coils). They are not the perfect solution for everything but they are very good at adapting to most styles of music (both are great blues guitars). If of course if you are looking for a guitar for one particular type of music this may not apply at all. I'm just picking two of my personal favorites from my own collection that can produce the widest range of tones in any style.
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Yeah, a Strat's going to probably be your best "all around" option as it will 10/10 nail the blues/classic rock stuff and 8/10 nail everything else
Well technically speaking, A Variax JTV 69-F (used) will be the overall most versatile, if you have a good L6 POD.

Not to down a HSS strat, excellent choice.
That's a hard question to answer simply because each of us is very different - both in build and preference.

There are people who adore slim, fast necks (like most Ibanez's) but others with massive hands who can't deal with them.

You need to decide what your priorities are and find the guitar which addresses the majority of them.

Do you want a trem or fixed bridge? Thick or slim neck? Single coils or humbuckers? What style of music to you play?

For best value, I don't think you can beat Ibanez - but you see? That's my personal preference showing because I have small girly hands and love Ibanez's super-thin necks. (Although their value for money is a fact.) Fender make some decent guitars but - like Gibson - many of them are madly overpriced for what you get. Mostly you pay for the name. But once again, that's my personal bias showing.

The only person who can answer your question is yourself, so consider the questions I mentioned, answer them then get yourself to a large music shop with many different makes and models and try them out. That's really your best bet.
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mattydoe My opinion - If you want the most versatile basic guitar (and you are comfortable with the fender type neck) Get yourself a real good Stratocaster COPY. If noisy pickups are a concern, get noise-cancelling single-coil pickups. You can effectively do (varieties of rock), country, or jazz on it depending on how you dial in the amp and guitar. ES-335 is a great guitar, but doesn't do country well at all. I don't use a Strat because I am so used to the Gibson neck I can't be comfortable on a fender - otherwise I'd use a strat with a Fred Rose bridge. You may also want a wammy bar or Fred Rose bridge if you want more modern 80's type rock and so forth. That's your all-around play pretty much anything electric guitar. Ditto on don't waste your money on a "so called" custom shop guitar - they're bs. Strats are solid, versatile, accurate, flexible, durable, with easily replaceable necks. DON'T BUY A GIBSON.
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