Which amplifier?
Ive decided to sell my Fender mustang III on search of an amplifier with better classic rock tones. Heres what im looking for:
It needs to be able to play over a small band in a garage.
The guitar tone I want is something like AC/DC and slash , but i also want to have a reasonably good clean tone.
I can spend about 450 dollars, and im fine with finding a used amplfier
So any recommendations?
Thanks in advance
P.S This is my first post of many on this forum
Peavey Classic 30 or 50 comes to mind. You might be able to score a Ceriatone or homemade 18W Marshall clone on your local classifieds website if you're lucky.
The Peavey classics look great, but they come in at about 600+ dollars Ill look for some of the DIY amps. Thanks
But they're right in your pricerange if you go used. And the Delta Blues is a good option too.
Jet city high gain 50w combo or DSL401.
Or blackheart BH15 + a boost if you don't care for cleans at high volumes.