The great ribcage of night is descending upon me.

I, such a tiny little star.
Such an odd little jewel.

I broke my head trying to
Love you with all the pulp
I could muster. Ughhhhhh.
Such weird sounds we utter.
mmmm aaahhhhh




ribcage is very nice - a very detailed image held only in a word, especially a "ribcage of night". it is whale-like in its imagery - you, the little sparkle in the giant belly of the wondrous yet somehow quieting creature.

There is one little thing that I think could tie all of this together. The last stanza is a bit of a jump from the narrative of the first two, and it's hard to fit you breaking your head into jewels and ribcages of night and guttural sounds - what if you broke your throat instead?
I absolutely love this. The last line does exactly what a last line is supposed to--it hits everything home in an oddly satisfying yet mysterious way. I agree with vintage, though, on the "head" comment. I read it through a few times with head and then with throat, and I'm quite fond of the latter.