Hi UGers,
I wanted to pick your brains for some ideas/opinions for an issue I've been dealing with. I've been getting into vocals recently and I am determined to get into a serious/consistent practice routine, but I'm facing a big logistical hurdle: practice space! I live in an apartment complex by myself, but I am really timid when it comes to practicing as I don't want to disturb my neighbors (I tried before at the tail end of my lease at my old place and actually got a complaint from management on behalf of my neighbor for "being disruptive" when I started practicing my vocals there). Unfortunately, unlike some instruments (e.g., guitar) where you can practice with a headset, vocal practice is going to invariably make noise. Nevertheless, it's not a thought experiment; if I want to gain skills as a vocalist, there's no way around practicing! I live near a major metro area and looked into some regional commercial music practice rooms, but they are impractically far from my place from a day-to-day standpoint, and the cost will be undesirably high even if I were to rent monthly. Any helpful advice is appreciated!
I just drive and sing. being doing it for years. You can also find an open space in like a park or something, and practice there.
Yeah the car has to be your best bet, though you'll be sitting which isn't ideal, but not practicing isn't ideal either.
Sign up for a vocal music course at your local City college. You will have access to the practice rooms every day and you just might learn something about vocal performance.

I sing in my truck to keep the tools sharp and work on new songs. Decent sound system, privacy, and I am on the road several hours every day.
The world is your studio. Seriously. It's hard going at first, but over time you begin to erode your level of "give a shit" until you can sing wherever. I make people smile everyday just by the fact that I'm singing and they walk in a room or pass me in the hall. Some will laugh at you, but for the most part it brightens folks day.

Now, I'm not talking about belting out an Aria or anything, but I think you get the point.

Good luck and I hope you join the ranks of us that just don't give two poops about what others think, it will greatly help you on stage and in life.
I find this rough as well. The car is a good place, but I don't have a car. I sing wherever I can get the opportunity. Vocal lessons can be a good way to go. You get the space for a bit, and someone that trains you.

karaoke is another way to go. I find that the western mentality is not that geared towards urban living in this way. Not that I've experienced anyway. What's cool about some places, like korea, is that they are very much setup that way. It's kind of designed so you can more easily get privacy outside of your home.

You can rent private rooms with large tables in restaurants, and they have many "bangs" which means "rooms" Like, DVD room, you rent a DVD, and a room with a couch and entertainment system and everything to watch it. They also love singing and karaoke, so there are private rooms in arcades with kind of rockband game for singing. And they places that rent out singing rooms. So, you can rent a room with friends, that has a giant screen and kind of rockband game and bongos, and shakers, and you can have your own private karaoke. If your city has a k-town or something like that, you might be able to find something along those lines. The korean word for it is nore bang
(노래 방. Sounds more like no-ray bung, but with a rolled 'r'.
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