So I recent got a mint blackstar ht-5r for cheap after mainly playing acoustic the last 3 years. (sold my laney vh 100r)

I'm debating getting a head to run through it or return it and get a little cab and a head.

What I'm looking at is EVH 50 watt head or the Mark V 25 watt head, both wold play through my cab but mainly I'd use the headphone out since I don't want to wake the roommates. I mainly play classic rock to metal on my electric guitars so what would all of you recommend.

3rtd option by the way, just get some amp sims and play through that costs hundreds less.
I don't plan to be playing any venues or anything its's more about tone. So playing through my interface into a kuassa creme would be fine if its sounds decent.

feels great to post here again!
or you could just go with a MKIV that does have a 20ish wattage mode (not like it matters IMO), you can get them really quiet and still sound great. i picked up my long head for $780, usually they float a bit close to a grand (head or combo),

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I think that the EVH and the Mark V are both very good amps for rock and metal. However, neither is an amp that I imagine working extremely well with headphones, unless you have a top quality pair.

Amp sims can work, but at least for me they need an ungodly amount of tweaking. The rock and metal sounds have been the most problematic for me, and it has taken a lot of experimentation and trial and error to actually get a decent, full rock tone out of the Guitar Rig 5. Most presets sound very tinny and fizzy, but with the right combination of amps and pedal models, the sounds can get very nice.
Haven't been able to find any that cheap!

The mark v is a bit priceier then the EVH or the smart suggestion you had BUT it comes with their new cab clone for recording and for headphone usage.

I'll definitely be on the lookout for a used mark iv, JP made them sound great and i used to want one BAD.

I actually do have nice monitoring headphones krk's and audio technicas (low impedence but oh well) but yeah I probably would only pay for a kuassa amp sim and thats about it, i just can't see my self paying for guitar rig/pod farm or something.

THOUGh any word on that bias desktop??