On my ESP Formula, the bridge pickup tends to sink back into the body after a few days when i set the height.
Is this normal?
I'm fairly certain this is not normal. How old are the mounting rings? What is slipping? Are the threads on the screws not grabbing the ring? Are the holes on the actual pickup (where the screws go) getting stripped out? Try new screws and maybe a new pickup mounting ring. Barring that, I got nothing.
Do you have any pictures of it?

edit: You could try putting a small bit of foam rubber under the pickup. Sometimes that may help?
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yeah something's wrong

odds are it's nothing serious though

i'd guess maybe the springs have died? or maybe you don't have them in quite right? take the whole pickup out and check that the springs are fitted properly round the height-adjustment screws. IIRC I had a guitar like that and just fixing the position of the spring sorted it out.
Yeah check the springs and bolt/screw. they are really cheap if you need to buy new ones.
The guitar is only about 5 years old. I'll try what you guys have said. Thanks