Hey guys, i'm looking for a pedal, or a couple pedals to help give me a good fusion/ guitar synth tone for playing chords etc.. Similar to that of Alan Holdsworth. Excuse my poor explaining, I know the sound that I want but can't describe it very well!

Thanks so much guys!
What guitar do you have, what amp are you using and what pedals do you have now.
I a have an Ibanez big jazz guitar. Vox tube amp. And a RAT distortion pedal
His overdrive is really smooth. The RAT can get close to that kind of OD, but you'll need something to take out the fizz. He also has different modulations depending on the song.


The tutorial uses a software, but I'd take notice of the pedals/amps listed in the modelling of the software.

There are 4 main things that I noticed: The amp/distortion modelling, the first (short) delay, the long delay, and the reverb.

If you work extensively with the RAT, you might get close to the distortion and filter levels. The lead tone rolls back the treble and mids a bit, which can be done with the RAT's filter. The distortion level is quite high, but most of the fizzing is clipped off, which is an issue to do.

The first delay is extremely short and doesn't repeat, and the second delay is a bit longer to sound and has a bit of a trail. Any multi-effects with two delay options can do this, or the Two-Timer by BBE.

The reverb was said to be just a bunch of light delays stacked on each other. You don't need that kind of delay pattern, fiddling with a reverb effect that has decay time, intensity, and level controls could work for that sound.

I also noticed that the pick attack wasn't very present, and the majority of the notes (from Allan himself) were all equal volume. This might be the work of a compressor.

You could try to get a multi-effects with amp modelling and an extra delay pedal as well. The Analogizer by EHX might also help to roll back some of the distortion bite, or it could serve as the quick delay time.
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