I purchased this fellow about a moon ago and have been waiting for various parts to arrive at my house for final assembly. The bass is a made in Mexico Fender deluxe active P bass special, which sounds incredibly ridiculous when spoken aloud. The colour is what they call simply - blue. As a warning to any interested in this instrument and colour combo, the blue looks like dead straight black with the standard pickguard, unless you hold spotlights over it.


The bass has a J neck on a P body which is certainly a plus for me over the standard P neck. The action is set at just under 2mm (!!!) without any buzzing - this startled me beyond anything. With Thomastik Infeld flatwounds, the neck plays about as easy as anyone could hope for. Though I knew this when buying it, the contour on the back of the P body is just not quite long enough to have me liking it over the J body shape, but this is a minor complaint.


I put in an Aguilar HC pickup set and a John East U retro deluxe preamp. If anyone needs to know the secret to slipping one of those into that tiny little P cavity, send me a PM and I can show you how that works. Combined with the TI jazz flats, the sound of the bass is amazing as any might sound with that combo of hardware.


The pickguard is made by Mark at Spitfire custom tortoiseshell pickguards and is absolutely stunning in person. I am a terrible photographer with an expensive camera, so I cannot get the entire pickguard into focus at once because I suck, but rest assured that the pickguard has no blur to it at all in person. The pickguard brings out the deep navy blue of the paint, which looked firmly like black to me without it.


Everything is tight, nothing out of place.


The total cost, including shipping and tax for various items, was about $1,400USD almost on the nose. The original loaded pickguard sold for $170 on ebay, reducing the cost to $1,230. For that amount of money, this thing is monstrous and I would recommend it to anyone. Very surprised by this line of Mexican basses. VERY surprised. Good stuff.

looks really good, but how does it sound....? Clips please.

Also, I had no idea the pick guards went for that kind of scratch.
When I sold the pickguard it included the Fender pickups and preamp. I was careful to keep the original plastic and stickers on it as well. The pickguard itself would only sell for 10 bucks I'm sure.

The spitfire guard, however, is pricy. I tend to hold onto instruments for eternity so it was certainly worth the price.

I'll see if I can set up a recording when I get some time at home that isn't spent on the upright.
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The knobs are passive tone (also works in active), mid sweep/mid boost-cut, treble boost-cut/bass boost-cut, pickup blend/volume. The switches are pickup selector, active on/off.