I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar problem or know how to fix this. My microphone is supposed to record in stereo and I can use the "listen to microphone" setting on my computer and hear it that way but when I go into audacity or some similar programs I have on my computer it will record both channels of a stereo recording in the program using both channels of the mic as if I was recording a mono mic copied to both channels. I'm sorry if my wording is kinda off I'm not 100% sure how to phrase parts of this.
It's a 3dio Free Space and I'm connecting it using the cable it came with which appears to be just a standard aux cable I think.

I believe it did this with another mic I tested out for a few days too but I didn't pay as much attention on that one. I believe it was an audio technica atr6250 for the one i was using before my current one.
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I don't even know if Audacity allows this, but I presume you haven't got each channel of the mic set to a different track? You only need two mono tracks btw.

Audacity is awful, and if your mic connects through a typical 3.5mm 'mic in' on the computer, it's only ever going to sound cheap and nasty.
So far I've tried messing with the stereo vs mono settings but I haven't tried setting each to its own mono track yet Ill try that as soon as I get home from work though. I've just been assuming it was a problem with either my software or my computer to be honest but I didn't know enough to verify it.
Well, I can't guarantee Audacity will let you do that because it's been years since I've even touched it and even then it was to analyse compression on an audio signal at university.

I would suggest you have a look around Google to see if anyone else has asked your question somewhere on the web and got an answer with more detail, and if that fails you may just have to try a DAW like Reaper (the cheapest professional one there is, really) and see if you can do what you want with it.

Regardless of that, your problem is that you need your program (in this case, Audacity) to be able to see the two separate channels of your mic, and split them. Now, I'm not an expert on what is stock on soundcards these days but it's just dawned on me that if you're plugging into a mic in port, it's probably only a mono port so you can't get stereo from it. Are you 100% certain you get a stero signal elsewhere with it?
Ill try checking that out as well once I can get back on my computer and yeah its stereo. I was able to use the soundcards program and it has a "listen to mic" option which will just play it through my speakers/headphones and as I move from one side to the other it will pan across just like it should. The problem only seems to occur when I go into recording software where it will read both the left and right mic as if they are only one mic. I cant remember the second software I tried but I know its mainly just an audacity clone.