Hey there
Im starting to build my pedalboard but the market its so huge I cant really decide what pedals to buy
Is there any computer program that emulates some classic pedals sound so I can test them?
If there is idk about it. Really the best thing to do is to go to your local music store and find pedals that suit you. It's very time consuming but fun to do and smart given that you get to try out exactly what you want.
There is a lot of software out now that processes effects through mediums like an Iphone or a computer. AxeFX is one that I can think of immediately.

Programmable boards would be my choice, so that you can keep your effects on stage but program them through a computer. POD's lineup of multi-effects programmable boards are nice. You can download patches from artists and work your own effects in.
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Nickbely, what music are you trying to play? Are there certain bands you want to sound like? What gear do you have now? What is it about your sound that you don't like?

If you have been playing long enough to where you know you're going to stick with guitar (not just meaning you, but people in general), you may want to upgrade your amp (first) or guitar (second) before you buy some pedals.
Your best bet if you just want to get a feel for the different types/styles of pedals out there, beyond listening to YT video clips are:

1) Amplitube3
2) JamUp Pro or JamUp ProXT from Positive Grid
3) Garage Band, if you have iOS or Mac already, it has some decent models.

That all said, if you have a genre you're mostly playing it should be easy to simple to research players you like and get gear/pedal rundowns on what they're using.

Then hit Craigslist or buy yourself a multieffects pedal initially like a POD HD500 or Boss Gt100 or Zoom G5 or Digitech RP500 which have hundreds of effects "simulations" in them which will allow you to get an ear for what you like, don't like etc...then you can start looking at the picking up the actual pedals...

I would strongly recommend checking out Proguitarshop.com and you may also consider a very cool service called pedalgenie (www.pedalgenie.com) its like Gamefly for pedals, you pay ~$30/month and they send you a pedal of your choice you play it as much/as long as you want and send it back or buy it and they send you another pedal...so over the course of a few months you can really either decide or build a perfect board.

Finally - as others have said focus on having the proper guitar and amp to meet your preferred genre style, then...I'd focus on an overdrive, distortion, a delay and a reverb and you will be 90% of the way there.