If you saw my previous thread, I was asking about what amp to buy. Well, turns out that both ones I was interested in have been taken, so now I'm looking at buying a second hand 15W Orange Tiny Terror. I really like the sound, its full tube, and the price is pretty nice. The only thing I'm not so convinced of is the fact that it doesn't have an FX loop. As a Christian worship guitarist, I need to be able to use effects (such as delay/modulation) so I can play less (because I'm in a band setting) and achieve certain sounds. If I buy the amp, I'm willing to invest some money in getting an FX loop put in by a professional, but is it safe to do that? Is it even worth it? Or should I keep the amp on clean and just buy pedals for the overdrive, distortion, est.?
If you already have rack mounted effects then you are going to want a loop to use them. This can be fitted safely to any guitar amp by a proper amp technician.

If you do not already own fx then use pedals between guitar and input, which is where they are designed to go.
Don't even bother with the Tiny Terror, especially if you need an effects loop. You would be way better off getting the OR15 instead for only $100 more (if bought new). With that you get an effects loop and a 3 band EQ instead of just a single tone control like on the TT. I would rather do that than buy a Tinny Terror just to sink money into it to install a loop. Just my thoughts