Lying in a darkened room
Time was flying too fast
I can't keep the tears that I held for decades

I have known I've been lied to
And that they have left me alone
In this never ending storm of madness

All the happy memories we have are just illusions
of life
It faded and I could see
Being with you was just a dream...

Why, oh, why me?
Why do I have to suffer
This never ending loneliness inside a

Darkened room
Filled with gray metal chains
Wrapped around my heart and mind
Restricting my movements from the past

I lost everything I have
Everything that I have carved
On the canvas of life in my heart

Distorted feelings swirled on my mind
Darkening the bluish-sky
And the sun started to set
Leaving me along in the dark


Till now, the rain hasn't stopped falling
Flooding away the happiness with the sadness
queued on track

Wandering around without a path
The moonlight is my light in this dark and cold night...

Why, oh, why me?
Why do you have to leave me
Along in the middle of the night...

(chorus 2x)

Oh.... Ohh... Ohhh..

Why does it feels like this is a song for lonely and broken-hearted? O.o