I dunno if this would count in song-writing, but hey, it might be

Most Precious Treasure - Lia (Based on the Japanese song)

All those times, the days that we'd met
We would always fight, lie and scream
But still it's one of the days I hold dear

If not for you, I would not be the
person standing here so proudly
And you taught me how to fight my fears
That I can make my dreams come true at will

If I try...

Even though my heart is aching
And my weakened spirit breaking
I will find a way a way to keep it
The memories we made along our dreams

And I know you won't be coming
Though to God, I kept on wishing
So when I wake up to morning
I won't cry, though you're not here with me

Whenever I look at the past
There is only one thing I see
That we were so young, full of life, and naive

And now I wonder if this life we hold is
nothing more than fleeting dreams.
But those thoughts, they only hold me back
from becoming all that I can be.

I'll move on.


I'll go anywhere, just watch me.
Never stopping, always growing.
Oh, this happiness I'm longing
I know one day it will be with me.

Though our distance may grow further
Our circle of friends larger
Our love will just grow stronger
Proving that we're meant for each other

I can feel myself I'm losing
And the pain in my heart growing
But I heard a voice inside me
Telling me I should stand and live

Every night whenever I sleep
I dream that you're laughing here with me
And my tears never stopped flowing
Never dries, showing the pain I feel

So today, I'll take my last chance
Waking up from this painful trance
I will pick up myself once more
Drying the tears that threaten to fall

When I close my eyes I can hear
Someone laughing with me loud and clear
To this day, I held that right here
Cause you're still my most precious treasure