Christmas is coming up, and I think I would like to buy a new pair of headphones. I currently have a pair of Koss Titanium 3AA headphones which I like, but one of the ear pieces broke off due to a weak plastic joint (if anybody has any repair solutions that would be amazing; shipping to return them to koss would cost like 30-40 bucks and i fear i would get another faulty pair).

Anyways, i use my headphones for recording referencing with my recording monitors, podcasting monitoring, and leisurely listening. The flatter the response, the better. I like as true of a representation as possible. My budget is probably around $200. I live in Boston area. Let me know if you guys have any good suggestions; I have no clue about headphones really
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The flatter the response, the better.

The Sony MDR7506 and MDR7509 models are well loved for a a flat mixing response.
Sennheiser HD 25 I-II. They are industry standard, built like a tank, and great sound, and can achieve high SPL. I own a pair, they are great. Make sure you get the real HD 25's though, NOT the sp version.