Was just wondering what the correct power supply for this would be. Would an AC adapter with 9V DC @300mA be the right match?

Sorry to double post, would this work?

EDIT: Doesn't talk about mA rating at all, I remember someone telling me about mA. It will only draws as many mA as it needs, so too much isn't really a problem, right? Here i'm not quite sure what it is though.
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It would work, but those cheap units sometimes have bad regulation so you may get a bit of noise.

As far as current draw: correct, the pedal only draws what it needs. Distortion pedals generally have very low draw (less than 50, often closer to 20-30) so 300 mA or 2A adapters provide plenty of power. There's nothing wrong with using an adapter rated for more current than the pedal will draw.