Hey everybody. It's time to buy the first usa jackson and i can choose between those two guitars. Which one is better



Body: Alder
Style: Neck-Thru-Body
Neck: Quartersawn Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Frets: 22 Jumbo Frets
Bridge: Floyd Rose Original
Pickup Bridge: Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB
Pickup Neck: Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz

1988 RR

Body: poplar/alder ( it's hard to find informations about body material )
Style: Neck-Thru-Body
Neck: Quartersawn Maple
Fingerboard: ebony
Frets: 22
Bridge: Jackson JT-6
Pickup Bridge: J50BC
Pickup Neck: J50N

ps: sorry for my english i'am from poland
Good choices!


There you can find the best advice but I can give some too.

As a Jackson US custom shop owner of RR2772 since late 1996 I found it to be 100% right from day 1 and I will never part with it.

I wanted it bad so I had to make the decision and it finally arrived after I took action to get it.

Now Jackson RR US guitars are very good and last very well. The market price however keeps them very good guitars for their price. No high extreme prices unless new custom versions as such.

There are some Jackson nuts that would take the '80's versions especially the early to some '86- '88 depending on the it being Rhoads, Kelly or Solist.

Any 1988 in good playable configuration is worth it but resale has yet to be high for Jackson guitars.

You do not loose anything by choosing either one. Just because Fender owns Jackson they still do high quality guitars.

I would take 1988 though. I would see what the fuzz is all about the early ones. I have yet to find out. 1996 is great.
Hard to say which one is better. Try them both. Opinions seems to vary on the Jackson JT-6 trem, while the Original Floyd Rose is generally thought to be great. No experience with the pickup set in the 1988, but the Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo is a classic pickup combination if there ever was one.

Owning an RR5, I do like the design and the guitar - but I would not buy another RR. Don't get me wrong, they play and sound and look great, but taking it out isn't something that happens often. The body shape is so prone to being banged into things, and getting damages to the wing. It just isn't that practical. (And it kind of defeats the purpose of owning an RR if you only have it for studio and home use.)
I haven't tried the old ones, but it's going to depend on what condition that old one is in. there's no point in the old ones (maybe, maybe not) being slightly nicer if it's in bad shape (or a lemon).
The old one has some chips on horns, but its normal on rr shaped guitar. But the guitar shoud sound good not look
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I meant bad enough shape to make it a bad guitar. If you don't mind cosmetic imperfections then of course the odd ding doesn't matter.
They US RR models do sound good and you can always change pickups if not.

It depends very much on your amp and effects if used + of course your playing style. If its sloppy it will not sound as cool.

If you don't mind the chips and so forth the '88 would still be a good choice.

You can always buy a new US RR but '88 versions do not come up so often. There are plenty of non US Jackson RR's but the US versions are not to common to find but maybe Finland has. Jacksonguitaplaceforum has a lot of of members from there and Jani started it. He is the guy that got the original black Megadeth King V at some point and Chris Holmes custom Rhoads too.

In fact I was close to get a tiger striped RR back around 1993 or 94 here in Denmark but since the guitar needed picukup work to be done when I was there I went for a new ESP instead. I guess it was a late '80's one. It did look like it.

Looking back I do wonder where that RR is today.

But it comes down to if you like the RR shape as far as playing it. I found from day 1 that it was not a problem and still is not.

Jani playing a late '80s custom RR.


The forum Jani built check it out!

If that '88 has an RR serial it is a custom shop version which make it more special.
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Thanks for help everbody. I decided to get RR1, because the '88 is too expensive. I can get used (when i write new in therad i meen from 2005-) RR1 for 1200 dollars. The 88' cost 2500 dollars i don't konw about it because its licitacion, but i pm to the guy that sell the '88.Today i recive the message with information that he wants 2500 dollars. Anyway i going to hunt for old jacksons if i only get more money.

if someone want to buy it here is the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Jackson- USA-Flying-V-1988/331376247583

and again sorry for my english
I've never tried the older ones but if there's that big of a difference in price (especially since the older one has some proprietary parts which might be hard to find replacements for, and which we're not even sure how good they are) then yeah I'd be going for the newer one as well. it's more of a known quantity, if nothing else, for half the price.