Nice work. Interesting way of doing the vocals - did you speed up a copy of the main line or is actually performed that way? Seems to be popular to have multiple vocals these days but this seemed like a slightly different take on the idea.

As far as crit goes - the bass seemed a little absent. Other than that the mix seemed pretty damn good. The only other thing was the outro went on a little too long for me. I would have preferred a fade out a bit sooner.

Anyhow, good work.

Nice and brutal stuff, with some nice and groove parts especially the riff at 1:08.
I could miss a bit of repetition so that you have something to remember afterwards, and also recording a/turning the bass a bit up wouldn't heard at all.
Also the outdo could use a fade out as mentioned by RabidBadger.
All in all a nice and interesting track.
Thanks all, will review your stuff as soon as I get around to it!

Just realized that I posted a version that was missing four vocal lines (crucial to the content of the lyrics if any one would care...). Here is the correct version:

Fields of Abaddon - Aftermath