kinda ots. not very polished, but just some thoughts i wanted to get off my chest

i don't underestimate the chasm between us, especially when
the liquor reveals us in ways i don't fully understand.
i attempt to remain understated, to be your only suitor who's cool with his place in
the shadows, who's more or less complacent. i accumulate all my ammo
but find myself exhausted when those other boys hound you,
sniffing around for your affection. at times i feel i'm bound to
simply fall to the back of the line and assume the role like the rest of them.
but maybe i have too much pride, or too much foresight to even try
to ask the questions that i want the answers to, like
do you feel the same? or,
what do you think about on a saturday night with the curtains drawn?, or
some other shit that would sound stupid at a bar

i just guess it is what it is
and i guess this is where we are
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