A lot of you know me from the tech section.

I built this guitar a couple months ago and have had a hard time reaching people and getting it sold.
Its a custom Explorer guitar (my own personal design)
African mahogany body with Bookmatched zebrawood veneer
EMG 81/60
24 fret, 25.5" Scale fretboard with XJ 6100 frets. No inlays, white side dots
Reverse headstock, Hipshot griplock tuners
2 volumes, no tone. 3 Way toggle

This is an insanely awesome guitar. Sounds amazing and plays extremely well. Very low action and no buzzing.
1350 Shipped in the USA from Corrales, NM, USA.
Post if you have any other questions or if i forgot any specs. Visit my facebook page in my signature if you want to see my other work for reference.