Hello ladies and gentleman,
About two years ago, i purchased the Tascam DR40 Linear PCM Recorder with close to zero knowledge on the thing. The group i was playing with at the time fell through, and the recorder was neglected until recently. I started jamming with a few friends, and i began to do my research on it. I'd like to think i understand enough about the thing now but if anyone could please give me feedback on the questions i still have.

1. We are in my non acoustic basement with weird wall placement and no acoustic padding. We have two guitarists, a bass player(also singing using a pa system) while i drum. (everything is electric and amp'd besides my drums).

Under these conditions, what should the settings and placement be of the recorder?
Should the guitar amps be close together or in like equal proximity from the recordeer ? Should the recorder be no where near the band/drums/bass/etc.?
Also, we want to do this simply. The recorder has an "overdub" feature which allows you to recorder each instrument separately while its played "over" the previous recordings.... We don't see a need to do it this way. We want to just play all at once. But we are confused as to what mics we should use, and what to even mic, IF WE EVEN NEED TO! The internal mics sound great we just don't know what settings or placement in the room makes it sound better and cleaner, or if we need external mics.

2. None of us have a mac and cant use garage band. Whats the easiest and sufficient software that we can put our recordings onto? how do you do this?
If you have a weird shaped room, the only way to find the best spot will be to experiment.

If you don't need the overdub feature, don't use it.

If you're happy with the sound of the internal mics, use them. Once you start talking about mic'ing instruments separately you're talking about a proper multitracker or interface anyway.

For software, Reaper is the usual recommendation. Free trial (that never ends) and a fully functional package.