Hi folks I'm back, after a long and painfull winter. My attempt at fingerstyle, really like this song. I am having hard time setting up a good clean tone but settled with this traversty lol The guitarrig setup is below vid if anyone is willing to part with some advice on where i can improve. Hope it is enjoyable in someway. I need alot more practice :p


Great job dude! I can't play fingerstyle for sh*t, but you got it right.
Only thing I'd like to see is those notes around the 1:00 chorus ringing a bit more. You should transpose some of those notes to the G and low E string, in order for the notes played on the B string to last "longer", if you know what I mean.
In short, really great job. Fingerstyle is really hard to play.
Here's my link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1661674
Pretty good job, dude! Try working on sustaining all the notes of the chords and changing from one chord to another more smoothly. But you did a really well!
As for cleaning up for guitar tone. Try EQ'ing out all the unnecessary frequencies. I use a low cut around 30 - 60hz and a High cut around 2500-3500hz. the high cut can help to clear out all that hiss you hear in the recording. Using a reverb and a slight echo/delay can also add a wonderful effect to your clean guitar tone. Hope this helped even a little!
Keep up the good work

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