I just took my first guitar lesson ever after 3-4 years of teaching myself.

The teacher told me that I didn't even know how to hold a pick and I agree with him.

He sent me a picture of a proper way to hold a pic.


You're supposed to have the general end part of your thumb hold the pick but my thumb is too ****ing long so it ends up with the pick resting on the middle of my thumb like this:


Has anyone experienced this or have solutions to this problem?
As far as I know, there isn't a "proper" way to hold a pick, considering many people will hold it differently, trying to get to their area of comfort. The only real things that matter seem to be to hold it where you're in a position of comfort, that can grab it firmly, but allow some flexibility. If you have those three points taken care of, you'll most likely be holding it just fine.

Concerning the pictures you sent, you could easily bend your thumb a bit. You don't have to have it flattened out that way. I used to hold my pick something like this:

Bending your thumb can help achieve that "OK" hand gesture.
Not holding your pick propperly? Bullpoop. Hold it the way it gives YOU the best action, not the way your teacher feels is the best. There is no ''right'' way to hold it. Heck, look at James Hetfield, he holds his pick between is thumb and his middle finger - and he is one fast, accurate player.
You could also experiment with the angle your first finger makes from its 2nd joint (the one above the knuckle), while keeping the upper part of your finger in the same shape (imagine making a fist, and opening it up, where than joint is doing the work) That will move the pick out towards the tip of your thumb.

The only time it's helpful to have three contact points (as in the first picture, with the tumb edge, the 1st finger edge, and the pick edge in the middle), is if you're going for a squealing pinched harmonic, and even then, that picture is overkill.

cheers, Jerry
find a new teacher.. hold it the pick.anyway it feels right to you, so i hope this helps i dont wanna sound rude or wise guy
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I would personally would not trust a teacher who complains about how you hold a pick, he's just wasting your time.