Someone that lives near me is trying to sell this PRS. He says its S2 model but i cant find an S2 that looks like this.

Here's some pictures:

Front: http://olx-t.imgrap.com/ui/34/64/09/465915509_1x.jpg?x=1414695738&country=PT

Body: http://olx-t.imgrap.com/ui/34/64/09/465915509_2x.jpg?x=1414695738&country=PT

Neck: http://olx-t.imgrap.com/ui/34/64/09/465915509_3x.jpg?x=1414695738&country=PT

Head: http://olx-t.imgrap.com/ui/34/64/09/465915509_4x.jpg?x=1414695738&country=PT

Head (Back): http://olx-t.imgrap.com/ui/34/64/09/465915509_6x.jpg?x=1414695738&country=PT

Back: http://olx-t.imgrap.com/ui/34/64/09/465915509_5x.jpg?x=1414695738&country=PT

Maybe it's an older model but i just wanted to be sure. Also, do yu think 900€ (1127.05 US Dollars) is a fair price if it is in perfect condition?
The S2 is new for 2014 I'm pretty sure so it's not an S2.

My guess is an SE custom 24.

If it is, then they're worth like $5-600 used?
My best bet is a S2 Custom 24. The S2s have been around since 2013, in which case that can't be too old. If condition is perfect, get it. One little thing: the stock pickups for that guitar are uncovered. The owner must have put covers on, or replaced the pickups. Assuming its an S2, of course. I highly doubt its a Core model, and its not an SE. SE's dont have the Paul Reed Smith signature, only Core and S2 models do. If you can clear up the origin of those pickup covers, GET IT. There is, of course, a faint possibility it is a copy. There are many chinese PRS copies.
The headstock doesn't look right to me. It's too pointy.

And on the back of the headstock, it doesn't "flow" the way PRS's do -- instead, it makes a curved heel, like a Gibson neck:


Also, the tuners on that guitar don't have the engraved "PRS" logo PRS guitars usually have.

A lot of things don't add up with that guitar, it looks super suspicious to me.
I don't think they've ever done abolone birds on the S2.

Is it a flat top? The pictures aren't very clear but it looks like a flat top.

and ii think they hand write the serial numbers on.
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Quote by ProphetToJables
The S2 is new for 2014 I'm pretty sure so it's not an S2.

My guess is an SE custom 24.

If it is, then they're worth like $5-600 used?

The headstock on an SE doesn't have the PRS signature, it has "SE Custom", with "PRS" on the truss rod cover. Also, where the headstock meets the neck at the back is wrong for an SE.
There's definitely something wrong with that guitar.

I've found that you can tell if a PRS is fake right away if the head looks like this:


The real one:


The strings don't angle that way toward the sides of the headstock.

I'm not buying those birds either. Never seen that finish in a S2 and Core.
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