Many of the players on this forum use TablEdit to generate their tabs. Many others use such generated tabs and use the free file viewer/player called TefView on the Windows PCs, MAC, iPads, or Pocket PCs to view the tabs, to play them back and to thereby learn new pieces of music.

A new version of TefView is soon to hit the streets (before the end of the year) and this is a brand new port to the Android operating system for Android based tablets and phones. This development can be read about at the TablEdit Yahoo Discussion Group over at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/...tions/messages

TefView for Android devices is now out of Beta testing and is available for FREE from the Google Play Store.

This file player will display tabs from TablEdit files (.tef), from Guitar Pro 3, 4 and 5 and from Power-Tab. It will also import Tabrite, midi, musicXML and text (ASCII) tab files.

A pretty good product and one I can see me using a lot - certainly saves carrying around lots of printed tabs.