Hi folks, new member here. I just wanted some opinions, mostly in regards to the quality and longevity of Ibanez 7-string models. The reason I ask is because I'm seriously considering purchasing a new RG3727FZ, as I really like the way it feels to play, the way it sounds and the way it looks. My only concern is the neck joint. I've had a couple of Ibanez RG and S model 6-strings, with their standard 4-bolt "plateless" neck attachment, but I'm wondering how this holds up over time with the 7-string models. The only 7-string model I've had was an Ernie Ball/Music Man John Petrucci 7-string signature model, which used 5 bolts and a plate for the neck attachment...so, losing 1 bolt and the plate is what concerns me. Should I be at all concerned in regards to longevity? Thanks!
I prefer my guitars to have an aanj. I also think it looks kind of better imo.
Love my Ibby 7. The neck joint is fine over time and VERY comfortable. Just don't take it apart a lose a screw . Worst case scenario is you do lose one you can just buy them, tons of parts websites out there. If you like the guitar I say get it.