Hi, I'm planning to buy and American Standard Stratocaster. I'm happy with my Squier Strato Classic Vibe, but, I think that I want some better.

It's time to take the plunge. But buying and American Strat is a major investment so, any advice on it? I consider something about it? Are the currently manufactured American Strats a good instrument or I only pay for the brand?

Are the two-screw bridge reliable? (I didn't use tremolo) Remain tuned? I think that the bended saddles instead of block saddles looks cheaper, in short, all those thinks, all the advice and opinions that you can give me about the Am. Strat will help me and will be welcome.

not sure how much help i can give since it's ages since I've tried them. but they were nice back then.
I own a 2008 American Standard Stratocaster, but the most recent I've played is a 2012 belonging to a friend. I also own 2 American Standard Telecasters, a 2010 and a 2011.

The model is a compromise on the original Stratocaster from the 1950's and a guitar designed for players of today with updated features. Not very different from the idea behind Squier Classic Vibe at all, but perhaps a bit more modern looking. It is the Standard of today, the centerpiece of Fender's American-made product line.

No quality concerns to speak of, but there are some variations to note. Mainly in the weight of the bodies, which of course can affect the feel of the guitar. If you're concerned with that, you should always buy a Fender after trying it. I am not, and own what I like to refer as the heaviest and lightest Telecasters to ever come from the production line. Not better or worse, just different.

You're free to think that the saddles look cheaper - I certainly don't, they're the original look of the Stratocaster. The two point trem-system is a variation on the original trem. It is rather the exception than the norm to find players who use it, and I'm not one of those so i can't help with any comparison.

They were a lot cheaper in Europe when I got my three (two of which I got on the Rebate-run), but since I don't know where you are I can't compare them price-wise. If you are to buy a US Fender, they are still where I would start though. Some will argue that the American Deluxe is the better choice though, and if you can get that I would probably recommend that instead. It is just the top of the line-model, the best you can get. Speaks for itself.
i have a 2011 USA STD tele and its great. i did have to change pickups though.

i also have a 52AVRI and 1996 Tele Plus II and they are great.

i sure as hell wouldn't buy one new though . my USA STD tele was $600 and its mint. look for a deal.
Quote by trashedlostfdup
i sure as hell wouldn't buy one new though . my USA STD tele was $600 and its mint. look for a deal.

Damn US prices. They're like equal to $1600-1750 in Europe now.
the trems provided the guitar is set up well work fine but don't expect to be able to go nuts with it. as for the bent saddles those are actually better and will cut way down on strings breaking at the bridge. bent saddles are way more expensive to produce.

Fender if nothing else has been stepping it up on both the US and MIM guitars. I think you'll find that the quality is just fine.
The two-point Tremolo on American Standard Strats are probably one of the better systems out there. The only two systems I can think of off the top of my head I like better are the DFV from G&L and a couple Super-Vee bridges.

The Fat 50's are kick ass pickups. The Delta-tone No Load wiring is really helpful, and I'm a nerd for the micro-tilt necks on them. Fender has really been getting this new era of Stratocasters right since they started the current style in 2012.
picked up a American Std strat about 6 months ago and I absolutely love it. I can't say anything about whether it is actually nicer than the cheaper models, but i can certainly say that i've never had a single regret over paying the extra. It has also really inspired me to a new level of dedication with practice to make sure i'm worthy of it.

As for tuning, coming from an epiphone les paul, this was also a concern for me. All i can say is that it stays in tune way better than i was expecting, certainly better than the les paul. I play it almost every day and i probably only have to give it a slight tweak every 3/4 weeks.

Also, probably not the reason you'll buy one, but the cases and the newer american models are very plush and super sturdy.

Go for it! as long as you can afford it, you certainly won't regret it.

p.s. not sure where you're buying from, but i bought it while on holiday in the states and saved about 35% on the european new price. worth considering if its relevant and an option