I bought my Peavey 2 years ago, I haven't replaced the tubes yet though, a few weeks ago while playing, I heard a loud pop and the amp just stopped working despite it being turned on, I smelled smoke so I turned the amp off right away and took it to the local guitar store(the same store I had bought the amp from) and got the fuse replaced, I took the amp home and tested it out, I didn't notice anything right away, no popping sounds or anything, so I figured it was just the fuse that needed replacing, a few tests later, I noticed that those loud popping noises were back. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?
My guess would be a tube going bad. If you have a spare, do some swapping.
My 6505 has done something like that before. It ended up dying shortly after a weird loud noise and I sent it to Peavey to fix. Since then I haven't had any issues. But I honestly don't know what was wrong with it, they never said anything back. Perhaps tomorrow I will call them and see what they did to fix it. Whatever it was still under warranty. But the tube warranty expires after 6 month I believe. And I had mine for a year.
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I would throw a new pair of power tubes in there -- JJ 6l6gcs sound amazing and you likely need them anyway.