These two guitars (see title) are obviously very different and I plan to use them both, along with a bunch of cheap danelectro effects pedals, and maybe a digitech synth-wah envelope filter and either a Boss analog delay or my buddy's DL4, in an album. I'm looking for just about as versatile of an amp as $500 or less (preferably less :p) can buy. I need something that can produce as jazzy of a tone as possible as well as get some real volume and attitude when needed. I'll be honest, I'm severely uneducated when it comes to amps. I've been an acoustic guy for years and this transition has been overwhelming so if anybody can make some suggestions or point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated.
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Hot rod deluxe II or used supersonic 22 or yamaha g100 or one of the big roland cube XL's.
Looked used in your area on craigslist, you might find a good deal on a combo tube amp. Try before you buy!
Laney VC30. There are also a ton of old solid state Peaveys that work wonderfully for clean & jazzy sounds (Classic Chorus 130, Classic Chorus 212, Special 112), and you can just as easily use a pedal for some OD.
I have a distaste for the Classic 50. A friend I played with always had issues with it's breakup at volume. It was really ratty sounding.

Hot Rod Deluxes, despite their name, keep their clean and smoothness at volume. Worth finding used.
I've only played through the Classic 50 head, and I thought it was pretty nice. But that was only a couple times also.