I've been playing a '59 solid body Danelectro remake. I was checkin out their other products online and came across some videos of their Mini-Effects pedals, CoolCat pedals,and FAB pedals in action. As I'm sure ya'll know these are some real cheap pedals, some being exceptional for the price, but none of them really satisfying players used to high-end gear. But I did get to hear many of them used with a Telecaster, by far the most fitting match I've heard for these pedals. So I've been thinking about purchasing a few (a couple different delays, overdrive, and a few of their weirder pedals I have on a list somewhere but can't think of Atm so I'll have to edit or reply with those later) for use with my Danny, mainly for recording purposes but my fear is that good tone might be impossible as it was in some of the videos when they were used with semi-hollows and somewhat atypical solid bodies (Strats sound decent but not as good as Tele). Obviously the amp is a factor but I'm figuring out what amp to buy in another thread lol. So my question: has anybody tried out these effects with a Danny, and would you say they're a great match? All info appreciated
Hi there, mate!

Hmm, from what you're writing, I would say that if YOU think the pedals are great or at least sound great, then I can't see the problem in buying those? You can always return 'em again, if they don't suit you style of playing..
I can't tell you a whole lot about these pedals - I've never tried one out.. But, as far as the pedal-market has grown over the past few years, then you can find a lot of alternatives.. Both in normal size pedals and in a lot of micro series..
I have about 8 Mooer Micro pedals, and they're really great, and they don't cost much!
I find them very good with both Strat, Tele, Semi-hollow and so on!
Only your ears can really give you the right answer!
Go to your local music-store and try some different brands!

Hope this helps - else ask again :-)
FAB series pedals for the most part aren't very good. cheap plastic enclosures that break easy. some of the other Dano pedals (with metal enclosures) aren't bad at all. as mentioned if I had to go cheap I'd be more inclined to go with Mooer or Joyo as they have a solid rep (I only have a joyo 6 band eq myself but have an eno music tubescreamer clone which works well and is along the same lines).

danelectro pedals won't make your guitar sound any better just because they are the same brand if that is what you are thinking. personally I don't recommend going to cheap on fx. this is not to say that you need expensive boutique ones either. point is that if you get quality fx they last, most often sound better and have some resale value down the road. the eno music overdrive I mentioned is really small and fits in the compartment of my guitar cases really well. this way I always have an overdrive for jams etc. if it got lost or stolen well it was cheap. soundwise it does deliver reasonably well but won't replace the overdrives I use for live situations.
the coolcats are pretty good. at least the v1 versions of the drive (OCD clone), transparent overdrive (timmy clone) and fuzz (frantone peachfuzz clone).

bit more background noise than you'd like, they're an annoying shape to tweak the knobs, and not 100% sold on the reliability (my drive died), but they sound pretty good.
The FAB pedals are okay. The drives aren't too great but some of the modulation effects are passable.

The silver OD pedal is okay. Has quite a bit of gain on tap but doesn't clean up well and it's very noisy. The Red Distortion and Black Metal pedals are shrill beehives so stay away.

The modulation effects are okay but tend to be a bit noisy. The chorus is passable, flange is okay. Echo is garbage.

Really though, you can spend your money better if you're actually looking for some decent pedals. Personally, I treat those FAB pedals as more of like an 'introduction to pedals' for people that don't use them ever.