Hey dude! Great songs!

Summertime Madness - I really liked the idea behind the song. There are 2 things I'd add though:
1. Make the song a bit more fast paced, you guys should try playing it at 95bpm instead of 85bpm.
2. It would be really cool to harmonyze the vocal part right before the chorus (probably in a 3rd, and not in an octave).
In general, I really liked it and you guys got talent. Everything seems on point

UFO - Now this song reminded me of Rolling Stones, mainly the guitar riff. It's also more fast paced than the previous one. There's nothing I'd change on it. (Fell in love with it once I heard the drum solo @2:30. You don't find many of those out there anymore haha).

In short, I think both will be pretty good when recorded in a studio, make sure to let me know when it comes out 'cause I want to check on you guys later on for sure

My guitarforum post, if you feel like criticizing back:
"Summertime": The guitar reminds me of the Beach Boys (good). The vocals are good too. Audio quality could be a lot better, unless you are going for a live 60's sound. Initially, the song might drag a little bit, but increasing the bpm by 10 sounds like a lot to me. As the song progresses (and the drums get more intense), it does not drag, but maybe the contrast is a good thing. The song itself is quite good! Please review my music at this link:

Really dig the guitar on both songs! Really creative things going on in both songs, but I have to say that guitar theme in the Poe song really gets to me! I really like the atmosphere going on in Poe, as well. After listening to a few other songs on your cloud, I can say that I definitely like the direction you guys are going in, even though your other songs sound pretty stellar, as well. Looking forward to hearing the final version of there songs! Great job!
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