Hey dudes what's up? Bummer to see that the Jim Thread always ends up dying. This online community was (and may very well continue to be) seriously the best "back in the day," (5-ish years ago) when I was in high school and had money to drop on silly gear building shit this was my GO TO place to figure out what was up and get some informed opinions on approaches to modifying your axe and whatnot. Even tho it was just internet bullshit, I remember buying/trading gear with you homies and having funny IM conversations about life/school/work and everything in between.

All hippie bullshit aside: One of my favorite things I've created is the Pickup Buying Guide stickied at the top of the main page. It's currently got 125,000+ views and I'm so glad that (with the help of input from InvaderJim, ZakkWyldeFan79, Shinozuku, etc.) it's continued to be a source of information for gear-heads and helping new musicians figure out the best/most optimal way to upgrade their rigs.

I've noticed that lately there have been some issues with managing the info on that thread -- and I want to make sure that the spirit stays alive and "shit doesn't get totally ****ed up."

Can people tell me what the current problems with the information on there are and how they can be improved? Is it more of a problem with misinformed people dipping in and not knowing what they're talking about and providing bad advice, is the core info on the OP incorrect/in need of revision/further updates?

Let me know!

EDIT: Been drinking straight bourbon, sorry, I left out a couple of words -- went back thru and fixed it, proof-reading is key.
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I actually haven't really seen any recent posts in that thread. I think it's just that the ratio of advice-givers to advice-requesters has been skewed and nobody helps in that thread. I don't have much experience with pickups and don't have the cash to spend on gear and pups to learn so I'm basically no help there, and I think it's the same for a lot of people.
Hmmm.... the core info on there is ALL legit, that's the key strength. But I am not familiar with newer pickup brands -- Man, wait holy shit are you no longer a mod here? (just noticed that). But what I could do is break it down a bit and make it less rambly/theory based and just get to the key issues about pickups, if anyone else wants to chime in LET ME KNOW. WE VALUE YOUR INPUT AND WANT YOUR HELP.
Sounds like a good idea, man. People can use this thread to offer suggestions and whatnot.

And no, I had to retire. Maybe one day I'll get another offer to be mod.