Hey yall!

Current setup:
Tonelab EX used as FX and preamp, Peavey 50/50 as power amp on a 412 cab.

Now, I'm gonna add a seperate Wah, a whammy and a looper in the chain.

Would you think it would be better to add them between the instrument and the ToneLab or between the tonelab and the power amp.

Would that matter or is it a question of taste (in the end) and I should play around?

Hi there! :-)

Sounds like a really nice and powerful setup you've got there, mate! (Y)

Well, for most players it all comes down to playing around, swapping the effects in and out of certain places.. For one, try to take your 3 effects, Wah, Whammy and Looper, and place it before your multi FX. So that the signal-chain would be like this:
Guitar --> Wah --> Whammy --> Looper --> Tonelab EX --> AMP.
Another thing you could try is to swap around with the looper.. A lot of players places their looper as the last thing in their chain:
Guitar --> Wah --> Whammy --> Tonelab EX --> Looper --> AMP.

Try this ot just try to mess around with it!
Just keep in mind, if you take these 3 effects and place 'em after your Multi FX, it maybe color or mess up your overall tone.

Let me hear how it works, mate! :-)