Hey everyone!

I'm trying to start a custom guitar building company and was wondering what the bulk of people here prefer.

You can check out what I've done at www.ginnguitars.com or at https://www.facebook.com/edmontoncustomguitars .

^You can see most of the build techniques on the facebook page.

Now to the questions....

1- What do people think of evertune bridges? Have you used them? Heard of them?
2- Bareknuckle pickups. Is the hype worth it ? Does Ibanez having them in stock guitars diminish the value and boutique approach to their company?
3- These are clearly superstrat style bodies. What would people prefer to have a choice as a standard body? Single cut? Explorer?
4- Does neck angle matter to anyone? Incorporating neck angle into a guitar is a lot of careful planning and quite frankly I do not see any benefits.

Thanks Guys!
I didn't know about Ibanez, but I do know that Hell guitars uses them. But BareKnuckles are good pickups. Don't sweat that someone else is using them. Even so, you might consider some other makers, NOT out of concern about BareKnuckles, but to offer options to your potential customers. For example, one of the luthiers I routinely buy from has a list of about 4 different companies he uses regularly...but he'll use anything you tell him to if you really want it. OTOH, another builder I buy from just asks you what you want.

As for body shapes...well, anything goes, really, but some kind of singlecut would be a good visual counterpoint in your product line.
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