I've been working on a song called powder girl

Here's its lyrics (so far)

Powder girl why
Do you hide
your face behind
All that makeup

Covering the
truth beneath
The mask that will
soon fall to the floor

Beauty queen still
To be seen not
hiding her true

But i warn you
she takes the thrill
in breaking your
lonesome heartbeat

With the body of a model
But a devil lurks inside her
One your hooked shes gonna lure you
To a life that you'll regret

Like a goddess of pure beauty
not so honest when she's looking
in other boy's direction
she is just a monster

She is treated like an angel
but she doesn't need a halo
because this one doesn't deserve
a place in amongst the heavens

she treats love like its a game
and draws blood right from your veins
are you gonna try to take it
or will you just give up

There is also a gp5 file if you wish to hear the instruments accompanying these
Enjoy but no stealing my music
Powder girl.gp5
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