Okay so i'm pretty new (noob) to the whole guitar world and I have an Ibanez GIO and I have a set of strings on it minus the high E string (standard tuning) and my bridge would be halfway so I could evenly pitch up my notes or go down pitch my notes evenly and I put my strings into drop B and I know I have to let the strings "settle" to their new tuning and stuff but in the back I have 3 Springs for the bridge and now the bridge is all the way down so I cant down pitch my strings... So is there any advice on how to get the bridge even again?
1. Learn to use punctuation, your post is really hard to understand.
2. Go to the setup thread in the Electric Guitar section, or google basic trem setup. You'll need to adjust the claw in the back to compensate for the change in tension from the strings.
Minus the high E? As in you are playing a 5 string guitar? If this is the case, adjust nothing until you have 6 strings on the guitar. You do not adjust trems for missing strings. lol
You do if you want to play it that way
Obviously not optimal but if you learn how to adjust it you can always do it again when you get a proper set of strings on.
I wouldn't go through the trouble. I would spend 5 bucks on strings and set it up right.