my monitors are for my recording stuff now and i have nothing but headphones for my synth (micro korg+) and a digital piano, i want something to play it through.

i had two ideas and i think one would work better but i wanted to appeal to the masses.

keyboard amp. logically, but what about a powered wedge? i would imagine the wedge would be a better investment, because if i were to get something like i pod in the future i could use with it.

so i am thinking powered wedge would be the best. Yamaha? JBL? EVM are out of budget.

i would want to find it used. and ideally under $300.

i won't be doing this for a little while but want to know if i see one on CL whether or not to jump at it. i would imagine i would want a 12" with horn? what are good common good brands? i don't think i will get Yamaha or JBL for my price.

or should i just pick up an old peavey keyboard amp? i am thinking not, but i dont know.

so should i go for a wedge? i do not have a power amp so the wedge would have to be powered. one thing i would like to have would be a input that i could plug my ipod into for backing tracks.

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