Hi all,

I'm a new member but an experienced acoustic guitarist. I have had a few lovely guitars over the years and I know that more money buys better quality in most cases.

However, I'm in the market for a guitar that I can sort of take anywhere and write anywhere with without worrying about getting it scratched or keeping it in a hard case. I played about 10 small bodied acoustics in my local music shop here in Dublin, Ireland and out of everything I played, ranging in price from €100 - €500, my favourite one was actually the Fender CP-100 Parlor for just €179.00. I played Takamine's and Tanglewoods for three times the price and the Fender just blew them out of the water.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I'm pretty keen on buying it. However, going on online reviews of Gretsch's G9500 Jim Dandy, that's also a very cheap, high-quality parlor guitar?

Has anyone played both of these axes and if so would you be able to offer some advice?

I absolutely love my Guild F-130RCE for playing live and in the studio but I just want to have some fun on a small bodied acoustic around the house and when I go away!

Feel free to suggest any and all other small-bodied / parlor guitars also!