I want to get a case like this:

I have one such case for a 1981 MIJ (Matsumoku) guitar, very lean / small, guitar fits like a glove. I recently got a second guitar from same period, same size, with no case, so I'd like to find a second case like this.

Does anyone know if there's a special word, or words, used to describe a case with this kind of metal framing / edging? I'm not even sure what to google or search on Ebay to find this particular type of case. Are these rare, or do you think I could find one if I hit a few pawn shops? I think the one i have was bought from a 1981 JC Penny catalogue, which would mean this style case was being sold through department stores in early 80s, so I'd expect there to be a good number sold back then and still floating around. But I'm not sure where to look. Randomly checking garage sales or pawn shops seems like big investment of time just for a case; I've checked Ebay and wasted a lot of time pouring over all of their used cases without finding anything similar. I wonder if there's a special name, or slang term, or whatever for this type of case, that I could plug into a search engine, that would help me find one.