yo! so im planning on buying the nano legacy Purple wind as a small recording/ tiny amp kinda thing, but i dont wanna spend a bunch of money on a cab for it
So could i run out of the effects loop of the nano legacy into the input of the tiny ss amp im using
to clarify the chain would be
Guitar>Nano>Crate 15r
also if i added pedals would it still work
Guitar>nano>pedals>Crate 15r
Thanks in advance
You want to run your pedals before the nano (especially ODs etc...). Modulation (chorus delay etc...) you can either run in FRONT of the amp or in the LOOP. Not between your speaker outs and the speaker.

I'm not familiar with the amp you're looking at but what you want to do will not work if your amp requires a load (most amps do FWIW) and you could damage it running the thing without a speaker. Plugging into the FX loop is not the same thing. It would be much less of a hassle to just get a speaker or re-wire the speaker in your Crate if you're really that cheap.
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well if i run it into te crate it'd be from the fx loop of the nano (which is like a 5 watt SS head) into the front of the crate
so that like running a Pre amp, into another pre amp into the power amp i guess?
so is that still dangerous or nah
the speaker out into the front i understand
But im like half slaving the amp so is that still okay
I don't use a slave setup but I'm pretty sure you'll still need a load on that first amp (the one you're using as a preamp).
Tad confused on what you mean by load?
do you mean like i have to put the excess power somewhere else or wha



The hughes and kettner one is okay if you don't want a bunch of paragraphs.

Hopefully somebody who has actually done something similar can chime in.
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