Hey guys!

I've just recently finished a piece of video game music that I'm particularly proud of but I would very much like some outside opinions.

There are some problems that I think I can hear with it, but I'll let you be the judge

Here's the track, I hope you enjoy it


As always, C4C
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The ending is interesting all right... metal version of this would kick ass. Is this the "main theme" for the game? Otherwise I don't understand your arrangement. Is it just me or is the bass way too loud?
Didn't hear much difference, perhaps it's the bass sound characteristics? I've been messing around with 8-bit stuff lately, and noticed the saw wave (is that what it's called?) is such a piercing sound.

I'm not the biggest fan of the drum kit you're using. I think this would be better with retro drum sounds - check out NES Batman. The drums should also be a bit louder.

There's my latest... though I kinda already know what to do for it.
Thanks for the advice. I've updated my original post so you might not be hearing a big difference because they're now identical

I'll take a listen to your track now, thanks again!
Love the faster melody and progression change at :23.

The open section starting at :54 is also pretty sweet.

Great fill into the part at 1:18.

I love the ending. I'm not sure if you actually plan to write for games, but I have in the past, and one thing to keep an eye on is how your music loops. In this case, it loops REALLY well if you remove the delay repeats/fade-out at the end.

I just realized your music player's a little weird, so some of the timestamps may be a bit off.

Overall, this is great, I can really see it as a dungeon or boss battle theme.

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Ha. I just love it mate. I think I'm going to take out my old SNES, see if it works lol and go play something on it. I can definitely see this in a game. By the way, why aren't you uploading to SoundCloud or something? I would follow you in a heartbeat to see what you're creating.

On a sidenote, I did something jazzy and electronic a couple of days ago. Do you think you have the time to listen to this and give me some feedback? Cheers .